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Small Space Solutions #5

Small Space Solutions With our population growing so fast we have had to accommodate and adapt very quickly. Our living spaces have gone from big garden homes to concrete jungles. With the properties getting smaller and smaller, interior designers have had their work cut out for them. But they do succeed, and here is how:


Growing Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are not only a presentable and decorative way of adding life and colour to your space but depending on the plant you could be adding contrast and texture too.  But, like a lot of people, getting a plant to stay alive is not always an easy task. I am here to tell you


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Want a low maintenance, environmentally friendly home or office garden? Find out what garden design experts have to say. Distinctive Designs can handle your garden landscape design in Gauteng from concept to installation. We believe that design is the cornerstone of any landscape and if you want your outside area to flourish you will need

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Our New Trough Planters

  Take a Look at Our New Pots That Have Just Arrived!