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Small Space Solutions #5

Small Space Solutions With our population growing so fast we have had to accommodate and adapt very quickly. Our living spaces have gone from big garden homes to concrete jungles. With the properties getting smaller and smaller, interior designers have had their work cut out for them. But they do succeed, and here is how:


Why we love lilies

Ever wondered why people love lilies and make such a big deal about it.  Yes it has an attractive flower and in an arrangement they last for up to a week, but is there something special about Lilies that make then unique? The Lily has a trumpet-shape flower that grows from 12 to 15cm in


How to clean silk flowers

To clean a silk plant, grab yourself a clean soft-bristle paint brush or any small brush and give your plant a quick dusting, leaf by leaf.  To give you an idea of timing, this technique will take about 10 minutes to clean your plant.  As with all dusting, I recommend you start at the top


Office Desk Plants

Adding a touch of green to your work space carries proven wellness benefits, from boosting productivity to improving ones mood.   But not all offices are provided with natural light which will allow your office plant to bloom.  Adding a wacky watering schedules can bring most plant varieties to an early demise.  Distinctive Design provides the


Water saving plant atrium

When designing your atrium you have the difficulty of what to put it the space.  Its not a functional space but yet gets a lot of attention by your visitors.  You also sit with the factor of atriums being a luxury space, and so should represent that. With all of these in mind Distinctive Designs


Green Wall Trends

      Green Walls, or also known as a vertical gardens have create a dramatic statement in the planting industry and are very trendy.  Very popular in the modern environment, the green walls have taken part in the indoor spaces as well as outdoor spaces as feature showcase pieces and indeed the do just


Beautiful Flower Arrangements that last!

Why not create a beautiful custom-made silk flower arrangement for your year end function? Flower arrangements brighten up any space, no matter the environment. They add gorgeous pops of colour to your home, your workplace, special events and many other places and many people love them because there is no maintenance involved. At Distinctive Designs

Speak to us for innovative garden design and landscaping services

Want a low maintenance, environmentally friendly home or office garden? Find out what garden design experts have to say. Distinctive Designs can handle your garden landscape design in Gauteng from concept to installation. We believe that design is the cornerstone of any landscape and if you want your outside area to flourish you will need

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21st World Orchid Conference

WOC21, 10-14 September 2014, Johannesburg, South Africa This will be the largest (10.000sq.m) and most prestigious flower show of the decade, of which the World Orchid Show will be the centre piece. +/- 500 Conference registrants from 32 countries will attend the orchid conference, with an expected show visitor number of 80 000 over the