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What Irrigation Services are offered by Distinctive Design in Gauteng?

If you want to benefit from a flourishing garden in Gauteng, without having to worry about high maintenance fees, high water consumption and installation costs, then customised irrigation systems from Distinctive Designs is the solution.

The Distinctive Design team offers the following irrigation services:

Design of a complete irrigation system according to the layout and requirements of your garden.

Professional installation of the irrigation system to ensure only areas that require watering are watered. This saves on water wastage.

Maintenance of the irrigation system on an ongoing basis will ensure you never need to repair or replace anything unnecessarily and potential problems with the system can be caught early on.

Types of Irrigation Systems to Consider

There are two main types of irrigation systems to consider for your garden:

Sprinkler systems – these systems can be set on a timer to ensure your garden is only watered at certain times. This saves on water and effort on your part. The correct water pressure, valve zones and flow rates are used to ensure your automated sprinkler system provides the garden with precisely the right amount of irrigation. The typical sprinkler system is run underground (beneath the soil) with pipes connected to your water mains supply. These pipes are connected to sprinkler heads which are exposed on the surface. Water is sprayed from the sprinkler nozzle into the surrounding garden.

The fact that pipes need to be run means digging is involved and the aesthetic appeal of your garden is put at risk. At Distinctive Designs we will make certain your sprinkler system is designed, the trenches dug and the system completely installed without disrupting your garden’s landscape.

Drip irrigation systems – these are a popular choice as there is literally no water wastage when making use of the drip method. Water and fertiliser are both saved as water is allowed to drip to the root of the plant by means of a network of valves, pipes, tubes and drippers. A pump or pressurised water source is used to send the water to the base of the plant via narrow tubes.

Drip irrigation systems can be designed so that pipes and drippers are only present in areas which need to be watered. This eliminates water being wasted and topsoil and fertiliser washing away. At Distinctive Designs we will design, install and maintain your drip irrigation system to ensure your garden flourishes.

To learn more about our garden irrigation systems, contact us at Distinctive Designs today.